[SELO+ Event] Orc Invasion is launched on SELO+ Wallet

Jun 16, 2023

Gather up warriors to defeat Orc King and his army to win special rewards

SELO+ has launched its first NFT event, Orc Invasion, to celebrate the launch of SELO token. In order to show appreciation to the early contributors of the SELO+ community, all participants will receive SELO token. During the event, SELO token will be given to the great warriors who fight bravely against the Orc King’s Army. We are here to explain how to defeat the Orc King and win great rewards.


SELO token is on its way to be listed, and this event will be a great chance to earn SELO before it goes public without any cost! We hope everyone enjoys SELO+ first invasion event 🙂

The Story

Orc King’s Army vs. Selion Warriors


The whole event starts with a short message from a storyteller saying,


“What tragic news!


In the land of SELLONTION, a great orc army has launched a surprise invasion. The people were in great peril, as the orcs were known for their brutal strength and cunning tactics. The king of SELLONATION called upon the bravest and most skilled warriors to protect their land.


BATTLE against the Orc King’s Army to defeat the Orc King and save SELLONATION.”


Now you are a warrior of SELLONATION who is requested to form a group of Selion Warriors to fight against the Orc King’s Army, and here is how.

Before Entering the Battle

How to fight against Orc King’s Army


How to battle an orc
  1. Enter a battle with the orcs

  2. Select warriors to fight

  3. Battle to check the result

  4. If you win the battle, the monster’s health will reduce; however if you lose the battle, you might lose one of the warriors

  5. Defeat Orc, Orc Lord, and Orc King in that order to defeat the orc army


Be aware that the success rate of the battle might vary depending on the power of the warriors vs. the power of the orcs.

What the Rewards?


When each orc is defeated, you will receive medals for your brave contributions. Defeated orcs will drop medals. The medals from Orc and Orc Lord are first-try rewards. However, the medals from Orc King can be attained multiple times as many as the number of Orc Kings defeated. These medals are exchangeable with SELO tokens.


SELO token is SELO+ ultimate governance token. Right now, SELO token is in the pre-listing stage. However, more information and features on the SELO token will be revealed after it goes public.

Want to join the event?

Download SellOn and create a SELO+ Wallet below to enter the event and win prizes:


Link to Website | Android | iOS

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