NFT Meets Hyperlocal Life Logging

Jun 10, 2023

NFT is crucial part in SELO+ ecosystem. In SELO+, users’ virtual and real-life activities and behaviors will be recorded via hyperlocal and life-logging services. This data will be accumulated in digital collectibles, NFTs. Each NFT data is accessible to each unique access and special benefits.


With these special NFTs, SELO+ is building an Experiential Web3 with users by implementing virtual and real-world experience via hyperlocal life logging.


NFTs are more than just “Digital Collectibles”

4 Main Features in SELO+ NFTs:

  1. Action Encrypted NFT:
    SELO+ NFT carries individual data of a user gathered in the SELO+ ecosystem. Each NFT is personal data based on user chain activity and behavior. These individual NFTs connect the SELO+ ecosystem and serve as the key to the SELO+ world.

  2. Social Profile:
    NFT can be used as a social identity representing a user in the SELO+ community. As NFT represents a user’s behaviors and commitment in the SELO+ community, some users with specific NFTs can have more influence and access within certain groups.

  3. Ecosystem Access via Wallet:
    Another important feature is be multi-linked ecosystem via SELO+ Wallet. When users link their data encrypted NFT to the wallet, it will provide convenient all-in-all access to all data they owned in the ecosystem. NFT within SELO+ Wallet can bring unique access and benefits across all different platforms within SELO+.

  4. NFT Marketplace:
    One of the most crucial features is the tradable feature of NFT. Each individual can enjoy full ownership of data and virtual assets by monetizing them with other individuals or companies.


Future of SELO+ Virtual Collectibles

For the current stage, virtual collectibles are only available in game-fi format. You can check out the complete guide of the Collection system here.


However, the current Collection does not fully reveal SELO+ ultimate NFT narratives. With these upcoming special NFT features, SELO+’s ultimate destination to Experiential Web3 will change the social and living narrative.


The combination of NFT features can create various interactive activities for businesses and individuals. Action encrypted NFT can be a new way of communication, marketing, earning, and living.


In order to build this unique future, each member of the community carries great influence and participation. Especially at the early stage, the platform can provide various opportunities and prestige to early players. SELO+ is welcoming all to be part of the great experience.

Be Part of SELO+

SELO+ has just started its very first step of its mission to connecting ultimate NFT narratives to everyday lifestyle. If you are interested in more of SELO+ NFT narratives that are coming, click below to stay in the loop for more updates.


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