Basic Collection Guide: Collect, Trade and Play

May 24, 2023

SELO+ NFT collectibles from A to Z

Followed by the previous article about the launch of SELO+ first NFT system, Collection, let’s find out how to actually entertain ourselves with this new feature.


If you want to learn about SELO+ virtual collectibles (Stickers & Cards), click here to find out more.

Collect: Discover various cards & stickers

How to collect stickers:

  1. Enter Mystery Box

  2. Choose a mystery box

  3. Open mystery boxes — you need SPT to open the box

Be aware that each mystery box has its own list of stickers that users can attain by opening them. Depending on the available stickers, some mystery boxes might cost more than others.

If you have unnecessary stickers, you can dismantle them and earn extra SPT.

How to collect cards:

For cards, there are two ways to collect them. If you collect enough stickers or cards to make a specific card, you can mix them to create a card. This is how:

  1. Enter Mixing Pot

  2. Choose a card to create

  3. Gather all the listed ingredient (stickers and/or cards) to create

  4. Mix them to create a card — you need SPT to use mixing pot


If you don’t have enough of all the ingredients, you can always visit the market to buy a card.


Once you collect the card, don’t forget to discover all the behind stories of each card. It might give you a hint to understand the card better.

Trade: Buy & sell cards at NFT market

Unlike stickers, cards cannot be dismantled. However, instead, users can trade cards with other users at the NFT market.

How to buy a card:

  1. Enter Market

  2. Choose a card to purchase

  3. Check the list of prices available for the card and purchase them

How to sell a card:

  1. Enter Bag

  2. Choose a card to put on the market

  3. Set a price for the card and place an ask (be aware that there is a transaction fee included in the final price)


If you are having a hard time acquiring special or specific cards, the NFT market is where you should look.

Play: Enter special mini-games

Now you might have the list of stickers and cards in your bag. What can you do with them?


There are special events coming up where you can battle a monster with your cards. There might be limited rewards for each event.


Check SELO+Wallet now to meet all the new cards and play with them. More features will be revealed shortly for you to explore SELO+ new virtual collectible worlds.

Be Part of SELO+

If you are interested and want to experience SELO+ Collection yourself, click below to check it out!


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